Reversing diabetes is a term that is generally used to describe interventions used to reduce how dependent we are on diabetes medications. Usually the talk surrounds type I or II.  Time, dedication and will power are required to truly make the change but if you want it bad enough and have the right tools to get over diabetes naturally, you can do it.  I did.

It is said that food is all the medication you need (plus a healthy lifestyle).   Hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago all they had was natural medications and food to keep them well.

There are lots of examples of people who actually found they could come off medication ( blood sugar monitoring is still required. Reversing progression of diabetes is not a cure.

Do not come off medication unless advised to by your healthcare team.

Losing weight and changing your lifestyle ( as described in another page on my site here .. Is it possible to reverse diabetes) is hard to do. I tried a few times, half seriously, to change the way I ate, how much I slept and the amount of exercise I did but I found that if you’re not truly dedicated to making the changes you’re never really going to do it and stick to it.

My biggest tips in your fight to reverse diabetes naturally are:

  1. Find a Program that works for you and stick to it
    Dr. Evans Diabetes Miracle Cure kit worked for me (see link below)
  2. Set realistic expectations and goals.
    Setting unreal expectations of yourself in terms of losing weight, eating healthier, etc. only discourages you when you slip up a little. We’re all human and have moments of weakness. Plus, you want this to be a lifestyle change and not a short term solution.
  3. Build a plan.
    Smaller steps to achieving a true change is important and really worked for me. Does Diabetes Miracle Cure Work towards getting that plan together?  Oh ya, that program has been the biggest reason why I succeeded.  Even the recipes that are healthy actually have taste!

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