Very similar to the number of undiagnosed people with HIV out there, diabetes is looking at about 1/3 of Americans living life without being formally (medically) diagnosed.  This means a lack of proper medication and a likelihood of developing other diseases (or death).

This is scary to me because I know the risks associated with not treating irregular blood sugar levels.  Going into a diabetic coma is possible and I can only imagine the pain someone would be going through.  I hope it’s not because they don’t want to pay for healthcare.  That’s really scary and I wish I could help anyone who needs help.

Annals of Internal Medicine posted the study, which can be found here:

I actually noticed the article from an online magazine called Time.  If you don’t feel like reading too much Time sets out the most important aspects of the debate.  They concluded:

“Researchers showed where people with diabetes fall through the cracks on the path from the onset of a condition to the development of other serious illnesses. Millions aren’t diagnosed, more than a million people haven’t been to the doctor in years despite a diagnosis and millions of others don’t take the proper medication.”

More information on the article can be found Here: