Hi Everyone.

Just like you, I suffer from Diabetes. For me, it’s Type 1. I’m 25 years old, ambitious and want a life full of adventure where I go after every dream. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when I was 15.

I will never forget the day I was taken to the Doctors. I wasn’t feeling right, I was shaky, constantly tired, my vision got blurry at times and it was really hard to concentrate. My mom was worried because for years I was the kid whose mind was going 2091823109238123 miles an hour, bouncy off the walls and REALLY loud. I slowly became quietly over a few months before really noticing more sever symptoms. Like every other kid, I hated going to the Doctor’s, so I was definitely not the one to say that I needed to go … but when my mum said I needed to, I turned it into a positive, put on a smile and thought ‘hey, at-least I get to miss a little class!’

The Doctor knew me well, he knew enough about me that when I came in it wasn’t for no reason. I described all my symptoms and he sent me for some tests which I needed to wait and fast for a little bit (I HATE THAT). A few days after my test was done, we got a call saying we needed to go back in to chat. I found out then that I was Diabetic – Type 1.

‘What does that even mean?’

My whole world just changed. On one hand I was lucky. I was lucky I caught it in time.. that I didn’t go into a diabetic coma, that I could still live with my condition. My one friend had died from Cancer when we were younger and seeing someone without control over their own destiny tore me apart. It’s hard not to be thankful for your life when we know someone suffered a less fortunate fate, and their family has to deal with loss everyday. But even though I try to really remember the good, I can’t help but feel so incredibly unlucky. I’m frustrated.

I don’t think that I truly grasped the full extent of my disease when I was 15. I felt it was a way to connect with people (plus), but it held me back in my sports (negative), I definitely had less energy (negative) and it was annoying to not be able to eat whatever I wanted with that young metabolism like my friends could (double negative!!!). Luck and optimism was slowly fading away as the months went by, the pain came and went and I was inconvenienced and held back from the life I really wanted to live.

I Hate Having Diabetes

In case you didn’t get that by my (super cool) URL that I picked up … I do. I wish the internet was as popular 10 years ago than it was now and that I could have connected with more people who are suffering the same things as I am. I felt alone, even though so many people were around to support me. That feeling is one of the biggest reasons why I’ve started this website … to connect with you, my fellow diabetes-sufferer … or maybe you are a family member/friend of someone who suffers and you need to understand more. I hope I help you understand how we feel. In fact, I hope that how I feel is able to connect with you guys dealing with the same thing as me.

It sucks. Like, really sucks. I’m so angry. I’m frustrated. I’m hurt and disappointed that this is my life. I struggled with the loss of control over what I could do and when and I resented my friends for having healthy bodies and not understanding how lucky they were. Why can’t my f-ing pancreas just do what it’s supposed to.

Getting over Diabetes

I mean this both physically and mentally. Mentally, you need to accept your body the way it is and understand this only holds you back as much as you let it. Don’t leave. I don’t mean it’s simple, I’m not saying I don’t have nights where I cry, hit a wall, hate the world… but I’ve done a few things that have really turned my life around and changed Diabetes for me.

I tried this super cool product (yes … I tried EVERYTHING), and it did wonders. I spent a lot of money on any possible cure or treatment for diabetes. I kept rationalizing that the cost was worth it because my life would be way better and that’s priceless so why not spend whatever amount I could on a glimmer of hope.

Anyways, I’ve gone on and on about myself.. check out my blog, comment on my story, write to me … whatever you want to do. I’m here and we are together in this, don’t give up.